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Reinsurance Solutions

Front Street Re is distinctively positioned to offer a variety of tailored reinsurance structures to our clients. We create reinsurance solutions for deferred and payout annuities, mature life, pre-need, long-term care, disability insurance blocks and most any other asset intensive coverage, etc.

Like most reinsurers, Front Street Re will enter into risk-only treaties, such as yearly renewable term, for example. But our primary focus is coinsurance or even asset risk only situations, as we believe these situations allow us to add the most value to our partners.

  • Assets in Trust: Clients benefit from Front Street Re’s depth in asset management.
  • Modified Coinsurance: Clients retain the assets backing their reserves and also benefit from the one of a kind asset management expertise and offerings of Front Street Re. Under this structure, Front Street Re assumes investment risk on behalf of our clients.
  • Funds Withheld: Similar to Modified Coinsurance, we offer Funds Withheld solutions that permit us to partner with our clients to grow assets and allow our clients to benefit from investment returns.

Asset Management

Front Street Re’s partnerships with investment managers allow us to offer creative investment options.